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As the coronavirus outbreak has spread through out the US, the supply of cleaning products are becoming a issue. People are worried about everything they touch. How long can the virus linger on the surfaces? Short answer is we don’t really know. Recent studies from The New England Journal of Medicine have shown the virus can remain viable in the air up to 3 hours, on copper up to 4 hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours. The revised version for this study was last updated on March 17th.

Our Parent Company ATLAS INJECTION has retooled a large portion of our fleet and support staff to provided high volume sanitizing and disinfecting services to our existing and new clients in our community!  With the need growing in our community, we are expanding these services to clients in need.  

Utilizing the “Xtreme” treatment compound, we are able to disinfect and sanitize both indoor and outdoor surfaces efficiently and cost effectively.  "Xtreme" has the ability to kill a multitude of viruses on virtually any surface. The product is in use to today in government locations as well as vehicle and agricultural sites. Internal applications are applied with charged had held spray units, providing a fast and efficient application. External structures such a playground equipment, fitness equipment, common meeting areas are treated with our state of the art spray truck units. "Xtreme" is environmentally friendly and efficient.


Office Buildings
Common outdoor areas/Play grounds


We are here to support large and small projects. Can be one time application or multiple applications as needed.

For more information please contact us at (817) 997-4185 or email at info@sanitize-dfw.com  

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